How to pay successfully

If your payment failed, there are 3 payment methods to choose from

Reason for Card payment failure: because the bank will strictly review each payment, it may cause your payment to fail.

View my order and try to pay again

1.Card(Fastest Payment)

    1.1 When you pay for the first time, it shows payment failed, please wait 5 minutes, because the bank is reviewing

    1.2 After 5 minute, still show payment failed, suggest call the bank tell that this is safe payment, after they updated, can try to pay again. (suggest choose this option)

2. Bank Transfer(safe and quicker)

   Need contact our customers service to get Iban to transfer money directly. 

3. PayPal(invoice need queue)

    3.1. Need contact customers service to get the paypal invoice to pay

    3.2 after we know your order gmail and paypal gmail,we'll put you in the queue,need wait during few days then we can send invoice link to u here to pay

Contact Customers Service :

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View my order and try to pay again

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